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Hello bloggers! I'm sorry I haven't been able to blog for awhile. But today I have an interesting subject to talk about; where does Rick Riordan get his inspiration for his books. I did some research and found out that Rick used to tell his kids detailed bedtime stories.The kids loved the stories and told him he should write and publish them. So he did and out came the Percy Jackson series. I thought this piece of information was really helpful for the readers of his stories. This is because as a reader of we can understand that the stories are meant to be fictional and made up. So when something happens in his novels we don't have to question it. It just happens because he wanted it to. This information is also helpful because it helps us understand that his book are meant to be enjoyable. His books are based on bedtime stories that he made up, he wants us to enjoy them. Anyhow, I'll try to blog again soon, see ya.  

I am currently reading Prey, by Michael Crichton. So far the book is amazing and is always keeping me on the edge of my seat. One recent connection that I have made while reading was when Jack was surrounded by so many problems that he felt like he couldn't do anything about it. I can relate to this because sometimes I feel like I have so much homework that I just can not get caught up. But I had to do what Jack did, keep persevering and eventually everything will be done. 


Unfortunately my blogger buddy is still unable to create a blogging account so we had to do our discussing in person. But when we talked about our author one thing that we both mentioned was Rick Riordan's way of keeping his books interesting. We both noticed that in our books there was always action. Scene after scene was filled with action.


 One way to find a new book on booklikes is by first clicking on dashboard. Then scroll down to one of your friends blogs and click on the book that they are reading. When you click on the book it will tell you the title, the author, and it will give you a brief summary. And just like that you not only have a new book to read but you can also read about your friends views on the book. 

""Piper's snowboarding jacket was flapping wildly, her dark hair all in her face. Jason thought she must've been freezing, but she looked calm and confident—telling the others it would be okay, encouraging them to keep moving""

I chose this quote because it not only reveals Pipers character traits but it also shows how Rick Riordan creates imagery. Piper's character traits are revealed when she encourages the team to keep going even though she is in pain. She is suffering more than the others but she acts strong and determined. This shows us how courageous she can be. This quote also shows how Rick Riordan creates imagery in his books. By describing characters and whats going on around the characters Rick paints a picture in the readers head.Without imagery the book would be bland and not fun to read. But, because The Lost Hero is full of imagery, it is  very entertaining to read. For this reason I highly recommend reading this book. That is all I have to say about this quote. I will update you guys soon, keep reading !

The Lost Hero - Rick Riordan, Joshua Swanson

Rick Riordan has another great book about Greek gods and demigods? Yes he does, and it is called The Lost Hero. The Lost Hero is a young adult fiction book, which is my favorite genre. It is my favorite genre because books in this genre use strong vocabulary. I choose to read a book by Rick Riordan because many of his other books have been very good. One recent title that I have read is Flush by Carl Hiassen. This book is about how Catherine struggles to get through life as her younger brother, David, gets in the way. David has autism and doesn't understand when not to do things. This frustrates Catherine but throughout the book she works through it. I  recommend this book if you are looking for a short, yet entertaining, book. I choose to read The Lost Hero because I have heard many good reviews about it. Currently I am just a little bit into this lengthy book but it is good so far. I know that Jason, the main character, forgets everything about himself and where he is at. He wakes up on a bus holding some girls hand who he has never seen before. But he tries to fit in until a fight breaks out. Jason ends up saving someone from falling off a cliff and beating up two other people who he has never seen before. Oh, and Jason also has a magic coin that turns into a sword.  Rick Riordan's style is very live and energetic. In the first two chapters there is lots of action. It is a little early in the novel to make any predictions  but the plot is developing pretty quickly. One passage that stands out is when Jason first wakes up. He is completely lost and has no idea whats going on. I think we can all relate to having atleast one moment like this. That's about all I have to say about The Lost Hero so  far. But I will keep reading and update you guys soon!